How the Reviews Work

I’m going to try and post a new review every Saturday.  If the book I’m currently reading is very long or if the outside world has been too busy then it might be a review of the first half with the conclusion following on the week after.

I hope that people will think that I am being fair with my reviews.  I fully understand that these will just be my opinions and not everyone is going to agree.  I will say though that none of the reviews will be particularly negative.  If, for whatever reason I didn’t particularly enjoy a book then it doesn’t make much sense to spend even more time on it by writing about it!  I am after all doing this for fun!  Plus there is always the chance that I might try it again at a later date and think it is brilliant.  I also personally think that just because I might not enjoy a book doesn’t necessarily mean that it is badly written or not an enjoyable story, it just might not be a good fit for me and I think it would be a shame to potentially stop someone else from reading it when they might really enjoy it.



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