About The Book and Blanket

Ever since I was a child, I have loved to read.  I would take books with me wherever I went, parks, pubs, beaches, restaurants, parties, you name it; it was (and still is) rare for me to go anywhere without a book or my kindle being somewhere close to hand.

Many people have discussed and written about how books can bring people together.  I don’t want to go over old ground but it’s true!  I met and got to know some of my closest friends through discussing books and stories. So in the spirit of sharing and discussion, I thought I would start The Book and Blanket; a place to review and discuss books old and new.  Sometimes posts will be about the first time I have read a book and sometimes it will be about new opinions on an old favorite. I hope that you enjoy it and find it interesting. I also appreciate any book recommendations and comments or opinions. 🙂


P.S. Please be nice – this is my first time blogging so I’m still learning the ropes!


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