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The Book and Blanket Volume 2

So the last time I posted anything was a very long time ago.  Studying and work kind of crept up on me and before I knew it, I didn’t really have time to do anything else.  Luckily for me however, Uni has now finished for the summer and everything else at the Book and Blanket headquarters is running smoothly.

Over the summer, I want to catch up on GoodReads 2016 reading challenge which has been sadly neglected in the name of mathematics, going to work and remembering to sleep. That means plenty of new books to review, new genres to explore and old favourites to revisit.
But that is not all!   I have undertaken a new challenge for the summer.  I am planning on learning to sew!  I’ve done a bit of dressmaking previously but my skills and basic and rusty at best.  Therefore, I have decided to create a new section to the Book and Blanket called Cut and Stitch Corner where I can chronicle my attempts at making things that are actually wearable.
So, all in all, that leaves me with very little left to do but to welcome you to The Book and Blanket Volume 2!

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