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Relearning to Read

Today has been a good day.  Today is the day that I officially finished the last of my Uni work until October.  So I’ve now got five months ahead of me and during that time, I’m going to try and fully get to grips with regularly writing and I’ll be able to read things that aren’t textbooks!  It’s all very exciting! 🙂

I’ve been struggling with reading lately.  I just haven’t been able to sit down and do it, and for someone who has always happily sat and read for hours at a time, it’s been very strange.  My mind will just wonder off to what happened at work today or replay songs that I listed to on the way home.  I’ll find myself putting down books that I know I love and that I am enjoying only to pick them up again a few minutes later and then only be able to read a couple of pages.

I did some digging online and it turns out that this is actually a pretty common thing, with people generally spending more of their spare time browsing the internet and becoming used to gaining information almost instantaneously, they are conditioning their brains to a certain extent to not be able to sit and read dense information as easily!  It’s quite sad really when you think about it.  I miss getting swept up in stories and the lives of characters. I miss being so enwrapped in what is going on that it takes you a while to readjust when you put the book down.  I miss reading! To this end then, this is the challenge that I have set myself, to remember to set aside some time each day just to read.  Computers will be turned off, phone will be on silent and Ipod and headphones will be somewhere else.  There will be no Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, BBC or any of the other websites that I can find myself clicking through for, quite frankly, a worrying amount of time.  There will just be me and my book, with potentially a hot chocolate and/or a blanket to curl up with.

One of my other literary goals is to try and read some new things.  Writing about what I’ve read has highlighted to me that I read a lot of things that are very similar.  There is nothing wrong with this at all.  But I feel like it’s time for something different.  The book I’m planning on starting the moment I finish writing this is more heavily sci-fi based than I normally read but it has come very highly recommended so, I’m going to give it a go.  Maybe it’ll open up a whole new genre for me to explore.  I would also appreciate any recommendations from people reading this.  Recommend you favorite books, or books that have challenged the way you think – anything at all, I would love to hear from you.


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