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Which books would you choose?

When I first left home, I had a masses of books.I couldn’t take them all with me (I was moving into student accommodation) and had the horrible task of deciding which ones to take and which ones to leave behind.  I think that I packed and repacked that box about 20 times before I was happy with my choices.  In the end, I gave myself a limit of 15 books and tried to only pack those which I hadn’t read or had only head once.  It was really hard! On the plus side though, it meant that I finally got around to reading books that I had had for ages and just never go around to reading.  Out of all the confused jumble that comes with leaving more and moving house and I can still remember that the first three books that I read where The Gargoyle, Piratica 2 and Sense and Sensibility.  These were books that had sat on my bookshelf for goodness knows how long but had never been touched.  It was quite soothing to see this little pieces of home in a scary new place and Sense and Sensibility is now one of my favorite books!

So, that was how I chose.  How would you have chosen or how did you choose if you’ve been in the same situation? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


2 thoughts on “Which books would you choose?

  1. When I moved out for my practical semester I did quite the same thing you did: I went through all of my books, wrote down which were unread or unfinished and decided for some that I would want to read during the six month away from home. I’m still reading my way through this list! But also some of my favourite books (Lord of the Rings, Interview with the Vampire and stories by Micheal Ende) found their way into the box accompanied by books about cooking.
    Nevertheless – though I’m back home again – I might “clean” my bookshelves soon for there are some books I certainly don’t want to read again.

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    1. Yep when I’ve gone back home i generally manage to slip a few more of my old favourites into my suitecase. I really know that i should sort out the ones that I know I won’t read again but I do find it hard to give books a way. Of course now kindles exist and space isn’t the problem it once was! Thanks for reading! 🙂


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